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Drako Dragonis' Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2010-12-01 19:52
Subject:Snow & lots of it!
Mood: cheerful

Wooohoo! We've got snow & lots of it. Pretty rare (this far south anyway) this early in the season & in such quantities, just over a foot has fallen in the past 4 days or so.

Pics & a vid to follow ^.=.~

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Date:2010-02-14 15:57
Subject:A return (of sorts)
Mood: content

*Blows the dust off his journal* *Coughs* Wow dusty ^.=.^

I think it's finally time I started posting again. I don't have much to say but...We'll see how it goes.

(Watch this space) ~.=.^

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Date:2009-01-15 23:30
Subject:A belated Happy New year
Mood: determined

A big happy new year to all I haven't wish so already (which is everyone -.=.-)
I hope you've all made your resolutions & are sticking to them >.=.< I've made & stuck to mine. I've finally 'kicked to the curb' my smoking habit of 10 years & am starting to notice the difference already, I can breath easier & food somehow tastes better than it did before ^.=.^

Looking back on the past 366 days, I can say it's had it's highs & it's lows, but mainly highs I'm pleased to say. Here a short list of vids marking the best bits of 2008 for those who are interested (or bored >.=.<) Enjoy!

Glen Bruar to Allt Sheicheachan view bothy

Toastland - The Brunssum adventure

Storm Hawks Tribute - Through the Fire & Flames (Love cartoons ^.=.^)

The Wanderer - Gnome Journey

The Road To MFF '08

Midwest Furfest '08

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Date:2008-12-01 03:24
Subject:D & D : Red Dragon interview
Mood: amused

Thought I'd post this for a laugh & for those of you out there who might not have seen it >.=.<



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Date:2008-11-21 19:13
Subject:MFF Update
Mood: chipper

Well that's me registered, just waiting on Pyx & Nikolai to show so I can give'em a big hug & off load my luggage. Haven't seen anyone I know yet today (well except 2) so I guess waiting is the name of the game. Anyone want to play ?

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Date:2008-11-21 03:50
Subject:Finally made it!
Mood: exhausted

*Sigh* Finally made to the overflow hotel -.=.-

I've had a day from hell, trying to use the McDonalds WiFi at the train station (which requires a code) only to be told they apparently didn't have internet access (couldn't be bothered trying to understand me) Then to be 'fleeced' by a cabbie $80- who claimed to be lost & didn't even get me to the hotel T.=.T . I eventually got another cab which got me to the main hotel, lucky for me I was spotted by Glow *1000x Hugs & kisses* who brought me to the Holiday Inn. I'm still trying to get a hold of Pyx, whom I pray hasn't got into the city to pick me up @.=.- . For all those who are interested, I'm in room 314.

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Date:2008-11-18 09:07
Subject:MFF here I come!
Mood: devious

Just finished repacking my bags, not long now before I catch my train from Sacramento to Chicago. The trip thus far has been great, I've ridden about San Fransisco by tram, been up & down that crazy wyndy road (I forget it's proper name >.=.<), Taken the Alcatraz tour & taken lots of picture with a knome I 'nicked' from a neighbours front garden the morning before I left >.=.<
See you all in a few days! ^.=.^

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Date:2008-11-14 22:08
Subject:MFF '08 Plan
Mood: anxious

When folks, I'm just about ready to jet off state-side >.=.< My flight leaves 5:50am tomorrow morning, quick change at Amsterdam then I'm off to San Fransisco. Why San Fran ? Well the plan was to pick up my costume, meet up with my 'old man' & do some site seeing. A good plan, with one miner drawback... My costume won't be ready till December *weeps*, So, It looks like it'll be next year before my costumed daybu *pouts* Owell, can have it all I guess. I'm sure to find a net connection somewhere on my travels from West to East, so I'll update my progress ^.=.^
See you all at MFF!

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Date:2008-06-20 23:48
Subject:Last minute holiday!
Mood: ecstatic

I've been invited to Holland for 9 days, pretty much all paid for >.=.<
My flight leaves in about 4 hours 0.=.o; I'll be taking lots of pics :P
see you all in a few days >.=.

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Date:2008-06-15 18:11
Subject:Da F***!
Mood: frustrated

I woke this afternoon (I was night shift) with a sobbing thought.. What's a guy to do to get his 'end' away in modern society these days !? It's not like I haven't tried, I'm starting to think I'd better invest in an abstinence ring, just so I've got an excuse to fall back on >.=.<

*Growls*...Right! Jerk-off or Guitar hero III ? ....*Tries to hump own leg* Screw it! Guitar hero it is! >.=.

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Date:2008-06-15 03:13
Subject:Hatchday No.25!
Mood: jubilant

Another year, another hatchday! OMG! Has it been a year already!? 0.=.o;

*Sigh* Well, all-in-all it's been a good year. I've been 'oot' & 'aboot' plenty, attended my first con (yay!), made some new friends, as well as discovering a crazy new 'sport', Bridge-swinging >.=.<

Lets hope my next year will be as, if not more interesting than the last! ^.=.^

*Clears his throat & puts on a 2'esk voice*

'This is your ageing, quickly ageing Scottish dwaggy & that's all I have to say about that!'

(Sorry couldn't resist >.=.<)

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Date:2008-04-21 03:39
Subject:MSN Messenger
Mood: frustrated

Whats up with MSN messenger tonight !? The first chance I've had in like forever to be social & MSN decides 'I'm going to be unavailable' !? Son of a....*Crashes*

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Date:2008-04-21 03:28
Subject:Pinched from Nikolai

The \\
Last Cigarette:Sad to say, about 30 mins ago :/
Last Alcoholic Drink:A beer, last week
Last Car Ride:Got a lift to work yesterday
Last Kiss:Too long ago to remember
Last Good Cry:No idea
Last Library Book:The magic of herbs
Last book bought:Dragon Flight
Last Book Read:Dragon Flight
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:The Golden Compass
Last Movie Rented:Rent a movie !?
Last Cuss Word Uttered:F***!
Last Beverage Drank:Tea
Last Food Consumed:Tin of tomatoes
Last Crush:..Pass!
Last Phone Call:The sercurity at the main gate (on the Naval base where I work)
Last TV Show Watched:Gordan Ramsey's kitchen nightmares USA
Last Time Showered:This morning
Last Shoes Worn:My wet-suit shoes (I mainly wear boots)
Last CD Played:(Single) Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine
Last Item Bought:A snickers bar
Last Download:Firefox update
Last Annoyance:Having a mild headache
Last Disappointment:Had to drop what I was doing & go to work
Last Soda Drank:Red Bull
Last Thing Written:My 'Rounds' book
Last Key Used:My office key
Last Words Spoken:"See you at 4am" to my co-worker
Last Sleep:Yesterday 8am - 4pm
Last Ice Cream Eaten:'Flake' I think
Last Chair Sat In:My office chair
Last Webpage Visited:Ebay.co.uk to see if anyone was bidding on the brick I put up for sale >.=.<


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Date:2008-03-18 00:32
Subject:OMG! I have a journal !?
Mood: creative

*Wanders in & trips* OMG! I have a journal! (You wouldn't think so would you >.=.<)

Well now, better update it ^.=.^

I finally *cough(Some time ago)* completed my vid logging most of my activities from 2007

The Year that was 2007 (Part 1)

(Part 2)

Got some snapshots of the clay model that will be the mask of my costume.

4 Dragons

More recently (last weekend) I was out hiking with a few friends. As it's still winter & for a change of pace, we spent the night in a Bothy (Thats a small cottage in the middle of nowhere)
& got first entry in the 2008 guest book >.=.<
Furry balls!?

The bothy



Tip for the day: Treat life's little problems as your dog would, If you can't eat it or hump it,
piss on it & walk away >.=.

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Date:2008-01-15 02:38
Subject:The Classic IQ Test
Mood: amused

Took the test: Your IQ score is 117!
Inspired Inventor

You have an unusually strong balance between verbal and mathematical skills combined with strong visual skills. However, the main reason that you are an Inspired Inventor is that your idea centre never shuts down, and you may not even be aware when your brain is working on the next great idea.

You are particularly adept at brainstorming or devising multiple solutions for any problem and this is the reason people flock to you for fresh ideas, advice, and insight.

Anybody else want a go ?


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Date:2008-01-11 02:38
Mood: sleepy

I have to say, I'm a fan of online tests ^.=.^

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Take the test yourself if you like ? If you do, don't forget to post the results( I'm such a nosey beggar! >.=.<)

Time for bed I think.

(P.S Sorry I've not been very social recently, yeah I know, I suck!)

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Date:2008-01-06 02:12
Mood: optimistic

Note to self: New years resolution, Stop smoking...I mean it this time damnit! >.=.<;

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Date:2007-12-25 23:39
Subject:Merry Christmas!
Mood: bouncy

To all who read this: Merry Christmas! Hope 'Big Chris' was good to you all this year ^.=.^
I'm glad to say I'm now the proud owner of a Wii! Woot!, Though connecting it to the web has proven a tad harder than I thought >.=.<

Have a good one! ^.=.^

P.S This message will self-destruct in 'T' minus 10....years!? :/

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Date:2007-12-11 20:40
Subject:MFF '07
Mood: bouncy

OMG! It's that journal that's more like a pamphlet cos I keep forgetting to update it! >.=.<

..Anyway! Heres my newest vid, MFF '07! (Sorry it's a little dark, I sure can pick the 'best' spots to make a video >.=.< )

A huge special thanks to all you peeps who made my first con a very memorable one! ^.=.^

(& yes, I know there's a 'typo' in the end credits..I just..blah..yeah never noticed till recently :P)

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Date:2007-11-11 02:40
Subject:Bridge-swing anyone ?
Mood: crazy

Something my friends & I did last weekend ^.=.^

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